1) A basket made of rushes or wands which had a variety of uses but has been most commonly noted in connection with fishing.

1314 ‘Robert Walker 6d for putting a fish lepp in the mill-pond’, Wakefield

1467 machinas voc’ lepes pro kepirz frye, Quarmby

1609 to lay leapes in any brooke to tak trouts in spawning tyme, Hipperholme. Other leaps were used for carrying grain or holding bread: 1423 j lepe facta de virgis, pro grano portando, York

1588 one bread leape, Dalton

1696 one breadlip, Holmfirth. In inventories they feature alongside maunds, scuttles, skeps and the like: 1457-8 In leps et skeps Joh’i Schau, iiijs ijd, Fountains Abbey

1580 payd to stotele [sic] maker for on leape, two wyndo treles & ij stotels iijs, Stockeld

1615 one leape, 8 scuttles, 2 maund’ cost ijs viijd at my doer, Brandsby.

dates 1314 1423 1457-1458 1467 1580 1588 1609 1615 1696

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0