leather workers

1) Occupational term for the wide variety of craftsmen working in leather.

Leather was worked and used by a wide variety of craftsmen and it was a concern in the guild system in York that each group of workers preserve its integrity. So the curriers, in c.1424, were warned against doing deals with the cordwaner, girdeler, cardemaker vel sadeler. In 1490, the Council ordered that all tanned ledder … putt to sail … in the Common Hall … [must] be seirched by the seirchours of the tannerez … the gyrdelers … the coverez [curriers]and two able men of the cordweners, York. Leather was used for a wide range of articles, including items of clothing: 1395 pro factura unius togae et unius ledircot, Whitby

1722 wearing ... leather breeches, Rothwell and even household utensils: 1576 a lether bottell, Scriven

1610 one lether flackett, Kirkstall.

dates 1395 1424 1490 1576 1610 1722

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0