1) Human urine.

1589 a kytt full of wash or chamber lee, Woodsome

1650 they searched the body of the saide Mary Sikes and founde ... a redd lumpe about the biggnes of a nutt ... when they wrung it with theire fingers moisture came out of it like lee, Bowling

c. 1688 wash it with hot skalding Chamberlee & Salt, Conistone

1738 her stomach sweld that her lese broak , Sheffield. In c.1710, entered in a list of things used medicinally in the memorandum book of William Storr, was chamberly grounds, Scalm Park. Two articles in OWR contain much information on this topic.

spellings chamber-lee
dates 1589 1650 1688 1710 1738

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0