ley ground

1) Arable land, often in the town fields, which was left fallow or unploughed.

1545 two leie landes in the nerre Kirkemore, Huddersfield

1590 ‘the third part of a selion called a leye’, Dewsbury

1666 cause to be sett ... upon everie ordinary day ploweing which they ... breake up ... out of the Ley grounde hereby demised twenty sufficient horse loades of lime, Tong

1720 agreed that they neyther Let nor plow up ley three of the last years without sufishent husbrenttrey of muck and lime, Netherthong

1750 will not the three last years plow, grave or rive up any ley ground, Yateholme.

spellings ley land
dates 1545 1590 1666

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0