1) An alternative spelling of ‘sward’, as in green-sward, that is grass land.

1549 leve the same grounde three yerez swarthe and not pluyd afore the ende of the seid xijue yerez, Manston

1562 the moore parte of the ground taken in was fair and good grene gyrs [grass] and swerth ground ... and noo heath growing upon yt Rawdon

1619-21 about the skirtes of which hill on everie syde there is arable land excepte the south syde which is swarth or ley grounde, Pickering

1634 noe person ... shall grave any bent, swarthe or greenesword ground, Meltham.

dates 1549 1562 1619-1621

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0