1) A long slender fish found in the seas of northern Europe.

1416-7 ‘And for 2 salted fish called ling purchased from William Benyngholm this year 3s ’, Selby

1580 for a dry lynge ixd, for freshe fyshe xijd, Stockeld

1613 Saltfishe bought at Malton ... lynges a quarter cost xxviijs, Brandsby.

dates 1416-1417 1580 1613

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2) This common moorland plant had varied uses, notably as material for thatching.

1394-5 Item ij mulieribus pro lyng mowing iiijd, Whitby

1689 for getting ling leading & Thatching for Hilcastile house, Conistone.

places Whitby Conistone
dates 1394-1395 1689

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0