long hundred

1) From the thirteenth century at least, grain, livestock, timber, etc could be calculated at the long or great hundred which amounted to six score.

1236 et communem pasturam ... ad quadringentas oues per magnum Centum cum tot agnis, Kirklees. Where that system was employed it applied to multiples such as 500 and 1,000 which in reality were 600 and 1,200. Our modern 100 might therefore be referred to as the small hundred. The distinction is explicit in references to imported clapholt or clapboard: 1483 3 gret hundredth clapholt

two smalle hundredth clapholte, Hull. Other examples of small hundred include: 1562 Clabbord the small hundrythe xd, York. Both terms were used in wood management: 1574 Okes of the secound sorte, vc okes at vjxx to th’undreth, at vjs 8d the pice, ijc li, Aldborough

1600 in the Bushell alias Bilsdale Hagg accompting fiue score only to the 100 there hath been cut downe … Tymber trees 1581, Settrington.

spellings hundred
dates 1236 1483 1562 1574 1600

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0