1) This was the weaver’s apparatus for weaving cloth, commonly referred to in the past as a pair of looms.

1588 Item one paire of lowmbes one paire of heldes and one slaye vijs, Dalton

1624 reserved to the said Richard Swallow the roome or liberty for the standing ... of one paire of narowe loomes within the same worke chamber, Honley. In the Old English period it had been more generally an implement or tool of any kind and it retained that meaning: 1620 this Courte doth request Sir Coniers Darcie ... to provide ... loomes and yrons for imployinge and ruling ... those who shalbe admitted, Helmsley

1642 An outligger carryeth but onely one loome to the fielde and that is a rake, Elmswell. It had this sense in ‘heirloom’.

dates 1588 1620 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0