1) A measure or sheet of lead.

1457 quoddam plumbum in fornace cum quodam webbe de plumbo, Kirby in Cleveland

1476 Et solverunt Johanni Midilton, plommer, pro castyng de ij webbs plumbi ... ijs ijd, York

1538 three lodgings are reasonable good reparations saving three webbs of lead for a gutter which is there ready to be laid on, Knaresborough

1568 Item thirtene webbes of leadd, Healaugh Park

1576 for xvj yerds of bourds to make the frame to cast the leade in webs, Sheffield.

dates 1457 1476 1538 1568 1576

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2) A whole piece of cloth, woollen or linen.

1433 unum par linthiaminum de tribus webbes, York

1578 Item payd for workinge on blankett webe vjs, Stockeld

1580 all my webbes ... made this yeare, Full Sutton

1598 Towe Lowmes and a webb on one of them and all his working geare belonginge thereto 10s, Knaresborough. By extension it was associated with the loom itself: 1494 Et lego Katerin? fili? me? illud instrumentum, anglice weblome, in quo Johannes maritus suus operatur, York. The OED has: 1538 ‘the web or lome’.

dates 1494 1578 1580 1598

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3) A band of woven material, especially those used on pack animals.

1395 pro vj pes de gyrthwebs ijs ... pro iiij pese de waimto-webs xxd, Whitby.

places Whitby
dates 1395

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4) The blade of a weapon or carpentry tool.

1676 came to him with an ax threatning to murder him ... And this informant got hold of the head or web of the ax, Ilkley.

places Ilkley
dates 1676

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0