1) A name which marked a stage in the growth of a timber tree, perhaps meaning ‘less than a lord’, or used more literally for the greatest trees in a wood.

1672 leave all the lordins and blackbarkes now standing and growing, Tong

1687 all the lordings and great timber trees now marked, Beauchief

1727 Bought of Mr Will. Hanson his 2 springwoods at Fauthwaite, at 10Ł per acre

the lordings in the wood and the hedgerows, price 150Ł, Dodworth

1768 Woodsome Park lordings all sold to Mr Jonathan Roberts, tanner, of Farnley at 6,000 guineas and to take them in five years.

dates 1672 1687 1727 1768

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0