1) The field maple.

In a comment on place-names Oliver Rackham said ‘maple is confined to its present southerly distribution’ and yet the tree occurs quite commonly in Yorkshire now and it evidently has a long history there: 1617 took a hand byll from [John] Sampson ... cuttinge a thicke saughe and a thick mapple in Spellow hill, Brandsby

1619-21 James Silvester for taking an Alder and a maple in Newtondale. There are the ancient settlements of Mappleton and Mapplewell and a number of minor localities: n.d. ‘next to Mapellessic’, Farnley

1208 cultura de Mapelwelle, Lead

1329 ‘the place called Mapel’, Hemsworth

1383 ‘wood del Mapelhirstes’, West Bretton. It was also responsible for by-names: 1379 Ricardus de Mapelbeck

Johannes de Mapples, Rotherham. The wood was used for some table items: 1618 Rounde maple trenshers 3 dozen cost me 6s 6d, Brandsby. It is now principally a hedgerow tree.

dates 1208 1329 1379 1383 1617 1618 1619-1621

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0