1) Mixed grain, especially rye mixed with wheat. It could refer to the mixed flour or the crop in the fields.

1578 Item musselgeom one bushell, Stockeld

1612 2 bushells of maslen whereof 5 peckes was rye and 3 peckes wheat blended, Brandsby

1637 one bushel of Maslin, Knaresborough

1642 lands wheare wee intende to sowe either Rye or Massledine, Elmswell

1698 a sheaf of masleion … covered with gleanes, West Riding

1710 bought a stroak of masslejen

1721 six stroakes of misling meal in a kimlin, Fewston

1729 a peck of misslegen, Saxton

1758-62 There is a sort of coarse flower att Wakefeild to be bought that is called measlin wich makes good loaf bread and is healthful bread. Mashonger is wheat and rye ground together 1798 Shearing wheat and maslin in Lodge Field, Sessay Park. In the first reference quoted it was contrasted with cleane wheat. It developed a number of different spellings, some of them erratic.

spellings masleion massledine masslejen measlin mislin (1) misslegen musselgeom mashonger
dates 1578 1612 1637 1642 1698 1710 1721 1729 1758-1762 1798

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2) A type of brass, or a vessel made of this metal.

1434 unum brassepott, majorem patellam de meslyn, Campsall

1481 ‘one basin de Masselyn’, Thornhill

1506 a basyne and oon ewere of myslyne, York

1511 j pelvim, j lavacrum le maslyn’, Beckwithshaw

1555 ij messilling bassens, Kendal

1560 one masleyne panne, Almondbury

1573 'a myslyne basyn worth 5s', Acomb.

spellings meslin mislin (2)
dates 1434 1481 1506 1511 1555 1560 1573

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0