1) This was usually a bowl or goblet, made of ‘mazer’ wood and ornamented with silver.

1257 de ij macer, Harpham

1348 et unum mazerium cum pede argenti, Emley

1394 unum ciphum de Masar, Birstall

1433 et unum maser flat cum singula liga argenti deauratum, York

1558 to Gilbert Brokebanke a maser dight with siluer, Elland. Examples of ‘mazer’ as a type of wood are less common: 1314 ‘as far as a tree called le Mazertre growing in the said garden’, Kirkburton. Items imported into Hull in the late fifteenth century included: 1490 2 massar holtes, which were possibly pieces of mazer wood. Both meanings may occur in the following: 1595 one cupp, bowle or maser of silver and maser gilded, Bingley. It has been suggested that mazer wood was maple.

spellings macer maser
dates 1257 1314 1348 1394 1433 1490 1558 1595

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0