1) A boundary stone, frequent in the phrase ‘metes and bounds’.

1574-5 one other parcel of the same medowe as it is nowe devided, lymyted and sett furth by metes, Thurstonland

1587 one medowe under the howse as it is nowe sett out and devided by metes and boundes, Thurstonland

1649 the halfe parte as it is now devided by meetes, Wooldale.

places Thurstonland
dates 1587

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2) To measure, as by a workman or official.

1465-6 ‘To a labourer for metyng of the said plaster’, Hull

1494 wher he had bought twenty quarter of whete of an estraunger he wold not mete the said whete with the Kyngs standard, York.

places York Hull
dates 1465-1466 1494

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0