1) The regional word for ‘mill’, an element in numerous compound terms.

1349-50 le watermilne, Netherthong

1458-9 pro imposicione de mylnaxiltre, Fountains Abbey

1502 volo quod Oliverus Tonge habeat meum molendinum novum cum Clauso eidem molendino pertinenti vocato le Mylneclos, Liversedge

1684 Materialls belonging to the milne ... two roapes for drawing up the milnestone, one milne arke, one multer arke, one barrel to put multer in, one trough to put dust in ... one dustin sieve ... 20 milne pickes, one milne chisel ... in the horsmilne 2 arkes, Whitley. Used also as a verb: 1539 Cristofer Talier my sone shall haue my leis of my walke mylne ... [and] shall gyve to Thomas Talier my sone ... euere yere vjs or ells xij stokefull of clothe mylnynge, Dewsbury.

spellings water milne
dates 1458-1459 1502 1539 1684

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0