walk milne

1) The regional word for a fulling-mill.

Early evidence occurs in by-names and minor place-names: 1350 ‘half an acre in the Walkmylneholme’, Lepton

1379 Johannes Walkmylne, Sheffield

1438 ‘repairing the walkemylnedam’, Leeds. As a vocabulary item it is on record from the same period: 1359 juxta aquam qu? currit usque le Walkemilne, Ripon

1488 ij milnes there, that is to sey a corne mylne and a walk milne, Woodsome

1519 a walke mylne with decourse of watir, Longwood. The regional term was recognised and ‘translated’ by clerks, at least partially: 1586 all that fulling or walke mylne, Netherthong.

dates 1350 1359 1379 1488 1519 1586

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0