1) Used as a by-name which may not have been flattering.

The modern meaning, that is ‘subject to moods of ill-humour’, is on record only from the late sixteenth century, and cannot be the meaning of the common by-name ‘moody’. In the period when such names were in regular use it was possibly flattering or more pejorative. ‘Moody’ was also the first element in a number of nickname compounds: 1253 Ralf Modi, Aughton

1260 Geoffrey Modipas, Hilderthorpe

1274 Richard Modisaule, Horbury. ‘Modipas’ can be compared with ‘proudfoot’ which survived as a surname and with: 1295-6 Roger Smalpas, Bolton Priory

1409-10 Henricum Jolypas, London.

dates 1253 1260 1274 1295-1296 1409-1410

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0