1) To grimace or pull faces.

1581 with his face againste her, mockinge and mowinge at her and deriding of hir so that she cold not in quiet manner serve God, Hutton Cranswick.

dates 1581

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2) A stack or pile of hay, corn or other farm produce, in a barn rather than outside.

1539 I wull that she have the value of a mowghe of haye that my sone John dyd occupie, Hampsthwaite

1567 In the stubbing close one stake of hay, xs. In the hudd howse one mew of hay xiijs iiijd, Well

1648 In the barne: Item a barley mough Ł15 0 0. Item a wheat mough & a Ryemough Ł15 0 0, Sharlston

1671 founde the sack upon a corne mough in the barne, Haworth. As a verb it meant to pile up, make into a mow: 1648 Hee opened the waynehouse dore which I had mowed with turfes to keepe the wind from my horse, Thurlstone

1783 housed corn and mooed it, Ovenden.

spellings mough
dates 1539 1567 1648 1671 1783

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0