1) The toll or tax formerly levied for the building or maintenance of the walls of a town.

It is recorded first in the statute of 1275, and features then in municipal accounts: 1439 to suffer … free men and others to be quit of toll, stallage, chiminage, pontage, pavage, picage, murage and passage throughout the realm, York. When Peter Symson of Leeds, a draper, enrolled as a freeman in 1447 it was on condition that he pay tolls and murage [in solucione theolonii et muragii]. In 1510, The Murage of the Citie of Yorke was itemised in the civic records and the fifty-two entries covered ylka ferdell of mercerye wayre and of all other thyngs … that comys unto this Citie fro any contree.

places York Leeds
dates 1439 1447 1510

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0