1) A maker of mustard: the seeds had to be ground to a powder, at which time other substances might be added, including ‘must’ or new wine, water or vinegar to form a paste.

It was used medicinally and as a condiment, and the by-name provides early evidence of the occupation: 1379 Alan Mustardmaker, Ripon

1473 John Musterdmaker, Skipton. Occupational references are: 1440 John Whitgift of York, mustardmaker

1490 Thomas Judson, York, mustermaker. John Whitgift may have taken up his freedom as a mercer but he was described as a saucemaker in 1441. Note: 1622 musterd money 6d, Brandsby.

places York Ripon Skipton
dates 1379 1440 1473 1490

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0