1) A straw mattress or mat.

1399 Et in nattes emptis de Johanne de Francia, 8d, York

1443 In nattes emptis pro fenestris vitriis in Ecclesia, 7d, York

1508 De ijs pro j lez canaby pro lez knattes , York

1574 Item j old natte & a coverlet ijs, South Cave

1579 certaine gnattes & hawlinges about the house, South Cave

1587 hawlinges, 3 quishinges, j gnat, South Cave.

1698 a straw natt reared upp in the windowe, Haworth

1732 she found the poke put betwixt a feather bed and a knat , Pontefract

1748 one bednat, Sowerby. Hence: 1669 For covering the seates with natting in the Dean’s closet, York.

spellings natt gnat gnatt knat
dates 1399 1443 1508 1574 1579 1587 1669 1698 1732 1748

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0