1) Alternative spellings of a regional term for cattle, derived from a Scandinavian word. It was a dialect alternative to ‘neat’.

1442 Willelmo Rilleston fratri meo septem animalia vocata twynternawt ... Ranaldo Gibson servienti meo quatuor catalla nominata stirknawte, Rylstone

1502 all maner nowte as fatte nowte, drapez or yong stote to be brought into Fyschergate and ther to be put to sale, York

1518 catall, sheippe, and nowte, Flamborough

1521 I will that ... my son haue his porcion xx markes with xx nawte and xx sheipe, Bardsey. It was the first element in several compound terms: 1543 John Blande for nawte skynnes xvs, Kirkby Lonsdale

1552 sex young nolte, thre score shepp, Lowther

1557 my lease and intreast of the stonne howse wyth two naut gayth [gates?] in the lee feld, Yeadon.

spellings nout nowt nolt
dates 1442 1502 1518 1521 1543 1552 1557

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0