1) A corner or a recess.

1642 The pinnes were made of wilfe ... One of them was strucken downe close to the side of the west house ... two att the turne of the nooke, Elmswell. It was used especially of a field corner, and so features in boundary perambulations: 1466 and so estward to Woddall feeld nuke, Sand Hutton

1556 the Curate of Bulmer ... in Crose weke ... goeth in procession about Hardie Flate and saith a Gospell at the Sowthe nowke of the same and hath a pott with aill

1606 one higheway ... betweene Canswick Park-nooke towards Nosterfeild and Massam Bridge

1637-42 towardes Theast, includeinge the Crookes or Nookes beelonginge to Haram Haw. Found also in minor place-names: 1572 Salondynenoke, Lindley near Huddersfield.

dates 1466 1556 1572 1606 1637-1642 1642

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0