on life

1) Early forms of ‘alive’.

1486-1500 William Otes the son had issue by the said Johanet and dyed and the said issue yit being on lyff, Shibden

1529 when so euer it shall happen my said feoffees to decesse, so many of them that ther be bot sex or four of them on lyve, Halifax. Similar terms had the same meaning: 1478 his godfaders called Thome Smyth the whilke is yit of live and Jellyne Disforth, York

1519 the saide feoffees, or suche of thayme as at that tyme shalbe upon lyffe, Golcar

1521 To every of my god childer now being of lyve, iiijd, Mexborough.

spellings on live
dates 1478 1486-1500 1519 1521 1529

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0