1) A clasp, brooch or buckle, used to hold together the two sides of a garment. They were often valuable objects, made of gold and set with jewels.

1347 Une nouche dor, Conisbrough

1366 unum par de paternosters et unum ouche de auro, York

1430 cum uno nowche cum lez perlez, Woolley

1437 lego Margaretć filić meć unum uche de auro, York

1443 j nowche de auro, Well

1498 a nowche of gold, the wiche weies iij quartains of an unce, Wakefield

1550 one owche of baysgold set with peyrll and one precious stone in the myd parte therof, York.

spellings nouch
dates 1347 1366 1430 1437 1443 1498 1550

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0