1) To claim or recognise as one’s own.

1679 upon notice given by the clarke or pindor, that they doe come and owne their fence, Kirkheaton

1698 found a parcel of turf in Josias Cowper’s house which Elizabeth Parkin owns to be hers, Slaithwaite. In 1681, after the theft of a brewing pan at his house, Oliver Heywood was asked by the constable to come and own it, Northowram. It could also be used meaning to admit or acknowledge: 1607 having owned himself the father of Barbary Anderson’s base child, shall pay 20s yearly, Hinderskelfe

1687 does owne that he sold the foure sheepe to Thomas Lee, Flockton

1718 George Myers own’d that he stole the hanks of yarn, Knaresborough

1789 Edmond Littlewood owned that he ... graved the turfs, Meltham.

dates 1607 1679 1681 1698 1718

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0