1) An artist who painted images on cloth, wood, etc.

The by-name continued to be active well into the sixteenth century: 1399-1400 Et in salario Johannis Payntour pictantis j magnum vale ad cooperiendum crucem stantem infra corpus ecclesić ... ij alias ymagines, Ripon

1439 to David Paynter for xxiiij baners peyntyng wyth canvas langyng thereto and peyntyng of vj castyls, xs, York

1522 empcione stuffurć pro le paynting cum vadimonia Thomć Payntour pro pictura prćdicti operis hoc anno, Ripon. In 1421-2, David Payntour of the payntourcrafte in York was working with the stainers for a Corpus Christi play.

places York Ripon
dates 1399-1400 1421-1422 1439 1522

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0