1) A man in charge of a park.

The by-name is recorded in Domesday Book, and Reaney quotes other very early examples. Yorkshire references include: c.1244 Ego Hugo Parcarius de Pontefracto

1258 David percarius, Rothwell

Adam Parcur, Kippax

1310-1 De Roberto le Parkour xls, Bolton Priory. In 1390, when Sir Philip Darcy sold woods in Aislaby which included le Oldepark it was required of the purchaser that everything should be done ‘at the view of the parker’. In 1516, the archbishop of York granted to Miles and John Staveley ‘the office of parker of his park of Rypon’.

dates 1244 1258 1310-1311 1390 1516

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0