1) A ruff or band worn round the neck.

The word is on record from c.1500 and in early examples the fabric was often velvet: 1532 to my aunnte … my velvett patlett, Seacroft

1559 a petticote and a pattelet of velvet, Treeton. In 1522, Robert Skyrley of Doncaster bequeathed a patlett of velvett to Agnes Bukton and his velvett jacket to Laurence Foster, to make his childer pattelettes and cuyffes. References in the early seventeenth century include: 1615 iij patlets and iij course bendes, items bequeathed by Walter Morvell of Bingley to his sister.

dates 1522 1532 1559 1615

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0