penny dole

1) Charity to the value of one penny handed out at a burial, often in the form of bread or ale.

1487 To poore people be penydale iiijl iijs iiijd

for to pray for soule, Hull

1509 I will that peny dole be dalt the day of my beriall, Dewsbury

1524 that my executors dispose appon my beriall daye to poore people penny deale ... for my saull ... to every house ... a penny and a pece of bef, Paull

1558 I gyve to be distributed in the day of my buryall in penny dole as far as it wyll goo ... iiij markes, Richmond.

dates 1487 1509 1524 1558

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0