1) A portion or space of time, a dialect usage.

1787 At Thirsk ... Stayed a piece

1797 I stopped a piece at both places, Sessay.

places Sessay
dates 1787 1797

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2) A length of woollen cloth.

1492 any husband man ... being unfraunchest that maketh a pece or two of woollen cloth in a yere within his awn house, York

1588 to John Kylner for mylninge of peces, Dalton

1599 a pece in the lowme, Bingley

1703 13 plaine pieces at Ł1 6 0 a piece

2 couple of broad pieces Ł13 in all, Holmfirth.

dates 1492 1588 1599 1703

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0