1) A structure extending into the sea or the waters of a tidal river, designed to form a partial enclosure protective of shipping, and a place where goods might be loaded and unloaded.

1530 Also to the peir if it go furthwardes, xls, Whitby

1537 the pere or haven there is in great decay and like to be loste, Bridlington

1566 wheare the same peare is nowe and heretofore haith bene all the owte sides made of tymber framed like two house sides filled within with stones, Scarborough

1600 The groundage of every ship landed Filowe peere ... of every cole ship two bushel coles to the Bayliffe, Filey.

dates 1530 1537 1566 1600

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0