1) A small enclosure, a croft.

c.1220 unum essartum quod vocatur Hirst et aliud quod vocatur Pichel

1254-80 cum uno pychel prati in Ouerseleby, Selby

1312-3 Pro herba vendita in le Pighell’ ibidem xijd, Bolton Priory

1346-7 ‘one place of land and wood which is called un pickell ... in the Westewode of Gouldekerres’, Golcar

1540 ‘16d ... for the farm of two pightells called Frontes’, Mount St John

1570 butting of the west parte of one little pighell called the hoyll, Honley

1675 the pighills adjoining upon Honley Bridge. Late spellings of the place-name included pit hill and pigtail. See the surname Pickles.

dates 1220 1254-1280 1312-1313 1346-1347 1540 1570 1675

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0