1) To shut up or enclose, to impound an animal that has trespassed.

1466 I never knewe no pyndyng off noo catell off the tenantes … oonly fro scapes makyng, Sand Hutton

1522-3 if it happen the cattalle of the said abbot … to come ouer the water of Swaile to put thame ouer agayn without pyndyng … to pynd any catalle … for damage fesaunte, Hudswell

1643 and 2s 6d he laid out for pinding, Elmswell. As a noun it had the same meaning as ‘pinfold’: 1674 taking horses away violently from the common pinde, Elmswell.

dates 1466 1522-1523 1643 1674

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0