1) The fold where stray animals were kept until payment was made to secure their release.

The spelling variations reflect its association with the verb to pind and with pound meaning enclosure. First noted in an undated thirteenth-century document: ‘taken away on account of the pondfald’, Drax. Later examples include: 1335 ‘which toft lay between le Punfald on the east side and the road’, Sewerby

1473 unius parcellae terrae ... vocatae Pynfald, Ripon

1509-10 pro firma unius horti 8d nuper Pynfolde, Ripon

1522-3 shalle lowse thame oute of the pynde folde, Hudswell

1611 the pindfould, Malham.

spellings pondfald pindfould
dates 1200-1299 1335 1473 1509-1510 1522-1523 1611

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0