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The OED has one or two early references to pipe in connection with horse-harness [1309-1418] and suggests the meaning which is explicit in this much later example: 1726 a tanned horse hide ... to be made into pipes for iron traces, Potterton.

places Potterton
dates 1726

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2) A large cask used principally to hold and transport wine but which at times served as a container for other provisions.

1395 Emptio vini. inprimis pro iv pyps vini, Whitby

1445 una pipa vini rubei iiijli vs ... cariagione eiusdem pipe de taberna usque domum fratrum, York

1502-3 the awners ... if it be a pipe to sett the mark on the pipes hede, York

1528 paid for a old pyype and a old hoghed, xijd, York.

places York Whitby
dates 1395 1445 1502-1503 1528

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3) Used of the flue or ‘tunnel’ which conveyed smoke upwards from the fire into the open air.

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0