1) To lay a hedge, cutting into the stems so that they can be bent over and the branches interwoven or ‘plaited.

c.1560 fell, plashe and twyste hedges, Woodsome

1642 that Janet Richardson doe cut and plashe the hedge and scoure the ditch between Alverey Whitley Shawes and her crofte, Lepton

1651 That Owners and occupiers ... hereafter plash theire hedges and scower theire ditches, Wakefield

1725 it would be … of great use if a clause could be obtained in any publick Act of Parliament to oblige the owners of lands adjoining upon the Highways to cutt and plash their hedges notwithstanding the Highways be 20 foot broad.

dates 1560 1642 1651 1725

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0