1) The skilled workman who applied plaster to walls, especially the outside walls of buildings. The plaster was evidently white.

1333 Willelmus Whitebrow, plasterer, York. The by-name 'plasterer' remained in use well into the fifteenth century: 1396-7 Et in solucione facta Ricardo Plasterer et fratri suo ... pro parietibus prćdicti tenementi plastrandis, 6s 8d, Ripon

1453-5 Et de 22d sol. Johanni Plastr’ pro platsteryng muri aulć ibidem, Ripon

1466-68 ‘Paid to William Playsterer ... plasterer ... for plastering Ł1 10s 0d’, Hull.

places York Ripon Hull
dates 1333 1396-1397 1453-1455 1466-1468

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0