1) Condition.

1393 I will that thay reparell it and kepe it in the plyte ... it es in now, as wele als thay may, York

1642 remoove them to some fresh pasture ... And by this meanes may yow have them in very good plight against Easter, Elmswell

1674 she shall deliver the same [goods] againe unto John Armitage ... in as good plight, Meltham.

places Elmswell York
dates 1393 1642

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2) Possibly a layer.

1377 domum ... de nouo cooperient de unica plita de Thakborde, York but more usually a fold in drapery: 1433 unam albam pelliciam et duas plytes de wolas, York. It may have referred also to a pleated material, as in the following: 1398 et vestimenta mea ... et unum velum vocatum plytts et unum de cypres, Beverley.

places York Beverley
dates 1377 1398 1433

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0