1) A drink of thickened milk or cream enriched with spices, alchoholic liquors, eggs and sugar (GWK/95).

Henry Best gave possets to his sheep-washers half-way through their working day in the sheep-dyke: 1642 sende for a groates-worth of ale and a White loafe ... take a quart or 3 pintes of milke and boyle it and then putte to the ale ... take the white loafe and either grate or crumme the same very small into the possettes .. throw in some pepper and grated nutmegges, Elmswell. Details of the contents are occasionally given in other sources: 1662 shee made a possitt and putt therein one penyworth of saffron, Rotherham. Peter Brears gives recipe details for Sack-posset and Ale-posset from recipes of 1669 and 1741.

dates 1642 1662

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0