1) A measure of capacity, commonly used for grain, and usually equal to eight bushels.

1343 et xxx quarteria avenae ... xl quarteria siliginis, Ryton

1393 sex quarteria frumenti, decem quarteria brasei ordei, Walton

1522 I wytt ... a quarter of malt, half a quarter of whete, Knaresborough. It served as a standard measure, and in 1642 Henry Best wrote: To our thrashers that bury [beat] by quarter-tale wee have allwayes given heretofore iiijd a quarter for oates, vd a quarter for barley, vjd a quarter for pease, and viijd a quarter for winter corn, Elmswell. As a measure for coal it was probably the fourth part of a chalder or chaldron: 1333 quolibet anno de predicti minera de Colsterdale viginti quarteria carbonum. At Stanley, in 1339, a quarter of coal was valued at two pence. A later dialect spelling of the term was ‘wharter’, dealt with separately.

dates 1333 1339 1343 1393 1522 1642

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