1) Typical obsolete spellings of cushion.

1304-5 pro baunkers et quissynes xiijs iiijd, Bolton Priory

1430 iij banquers, xij quysshyns cowched, York

1535 vj qwisshinges of Carpet and tapester werke, Stillingfleet

1588 Six quyssyns iijs, Dalton

1689 they let him lye by the fier-side in an old coverlet and a quishinge under his heade, Dewsbury. A long list of cushions in an inventory for Temple Newsam includes the following: 1565 two sewed quyshens of silke xxxs ... one of black velvett & damaske vjs viijd ... one of verie olde tissue garded vjs viijd, two of crewlez nedle worke iiijs viiid . Note the occupational by-name: 1367 Willelmus Qwsshyynmaker, York.

spellings quissyne
dates 1304-1305 1367 1430 1535 1565 1588 1689

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0