1) Alternative spellings of ruddle, also called red ochre, found as a verb or noun. The ochre was used especially to mark sheep.

1648 I marked my sheepe, 101 ewes of my owne with fresh redle on the narr sholder, Thurlstone

1669 a fat Wether out of his Croft, marked with raddle on the head, one Eare slitt the other cropt, Sheffield

1688 one other sheep ridled on the head, Kilnsey

1701 a raddle marke along the Rigg, Skipton. The varied spellings are found also in minor place-names: Raddlepits, Riddle Clough, Riddle Pit.

spellings reddle riddle (1)
dates 1648 1669 1688

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0