1) A collective term for poles, rods, twigs, etc, possibly with regionally distinct meanings, referred to by historians as panels in a timber-framed wall (HH6).

In the Hallamshire Glossary ‘radlings’ are described as ‘hazel or other boughs, put within the studs of a wall, to be covered with lime or mortar’. In 1680, the tenants in Woolley were allowed to take radlins for the thatch and mortaring of their houses. The verb ‘to raddle’ is also on record: in 1713, for example, James Fausit was paid for Studin and radlin the chim[neys] of five cottages in Wibsey. In 1457-8, fourpence was paid at Snape for ‘raddling’, the earliest usage noted.

dates 1457-1458 1680 1713

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0