1) A wooden frame or shelving fixed to the side of a cart so as to increase its capacity.

1449 unum antiquum plaustrum cum iij temes ferri et j par de Rathes pro j cortwayne, Featherstone

1535 iiij pare of Wayne rathes, Stillingfleet

1545 one pair of couppraithes, Knaresborough

1639 two paire of Cart Raths, Swinsty. Note: 1656 fower Coopes three paire of wreathes, Eshton

1716 one oxe cowp 1 pair of wraiths, Slaidburn

1741 felks, Cart Wrayes & ash bords, Wakefield.

spellings wraith wreath (2)
dates 1449 1535 1545 1639 1656 1716 1741

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0