1) One who refuses; that is in England a person who refused to accept the religious changes of the Reformation, to acknowledge the supremacy of the Crown, to conform to the Book of Common Prayer and to attend the services of the Church of England (PDE165).

1575 Joh. Belhouse wife beinge excommunicate for Recusancie was buried in the churche yarde by the forcible meanes of Joh. Belhouse her husbande, Saxton

1605 That Barnabas Pearson of Pickton is a Recusant and does not come to his parish church

1680 there is noe popish Reccusantes within our said townes of Kirkeburton, Shelley, Shepley, etc.

dates 1575 1605 1680

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0