1) An alternative of apparel.

1521 a jacket, a paire hoose and other of my reparell, Pontefract

1557 I bequyth all my reparill belongyng to my body to Agnes my doughter, South Milford

1562 to Mris Cleasbie ... wydowe, for the reperell of Umfraie Cleasbie, Thrintoft. More generally it could include fittings or ‘furniture’: 1517 I woll that the masse booke, portace, chales, vestementt and all other reparell to oon preiste to say masse with, Clint.

dates 1517 1521 1557 1562

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2) To repair, an obsolete spelling.

1393 And I will that thay reparell it and kepe it in the plyte that it es in now, York

1457 shall make and reparell all the hegges, West Bretton

1499 the fence, wall and yates … shalbe cast downe and broken and … at no tyme repareld. Also as a noun: 1550 The churche is owte of reparell so that no man can well abyde in the bodie of the churche for rayne when it is fowle wether, Kirkby Wharfe.

dates 1393 1457 1499 1550

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0