1) A rail or spar of wood, usually listed in the same contexts as wainscot and timber.

1357 Item, in vj regald et vj waynscotes vjs iiijd, York

1371 Et in ij magnis arboribus emptis pro celura … 13s 4d. Et in lxxx rigald emptis pro eadem cum cariagio, 40s, York

1399 Et in sarracione meremii righolts et waynscots, per annum, 38s 10d, York

1409 pro j rygalt, Beverley

1415 In sarracione meremii, ryghold, waynscott … 100s 10d, York. Salzman noted the spelling rigallis in Scarborough in 1343 and considered that the word originally referred to wood from Riga, the Baltic seaport. They were imported as boards and cut to the required size locally.

dates 1343 1357 1371 1399 1409 1415

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0