ripple comb

1) A toothed implement used in the preparation of flax and hemp.

1481 De ij hekills et uno repplyng kame iijd, York

1499 a hekyll, A ryppyll came iijd, Northallerton

1570 3 heckles one ripple canne [sic] for lyne, Spaldington

1585 a ripple comb 2 heckles, South Cave

1639 In the Chamber a ripplecame, Selby

1667 a ripple coame, Barley. A by-name is evidence of the word’s much longer history: 1316 Alice Ryppelcombe 1d

‘to the house of Alice Reppelcombe of Werloley’, Sowerby.

dates 1316 1481 1499 1570 1585 1639 1667

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0