rolling mill

1) A mill in which metal is rolled out or flattened (OED).

References in Yorkshire date from the second half of the eighteenth century: 1760 Places where cast iron work and rowls iron into plates of aney sise or thickness is has at Coln Bridg near Healland in Yorkshire and att Wotley near Penistone … and att Rotherham. In a history of Cooper Wheel on the river Sheaf, it was said that in 1766 four men took a lease of the rolling mill lately a cutler wheel, and by 1794 six pairs of rollers had to be powered. Similarly, Middlewood Wheel on the river Don was the site of a rolling mill by 1794, and a sales catalogue of 1828 lists forges for rolling and making German steel. Elsewhere in the West Riding, other rolling mills came into operation from roughly the same period, and the clerk at Colne Bridge forge entered in his diary for 12 July 1776: At the Forge all day, they began rolling hoops, the first that were ever rolled at Colne Bridge.

dates 1760 1766 1776 1794

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Photo by Kreuzschnabel CC BY-SA 3.0